1. Izzy Bash
    Vienna, Austria
  2. Ultima Radio
    Graz, Austria
  3. Matt Boroff
  4. Mother's Cake
    Innsbruck, Austria
  5. Porn To Hula
    Linz, Austria
  6. Parasol Caravan
    Linz, Austria
    Vienna, Austria
  8. Lausch
    Wien, Austria
  9. She and the Junkies
    Saint Pölten, Austria
  10. LelKem
    Wien, Austria
  11. Palindrome
    Vienna, Austria


Panta R&E Vienna, Austria

Panta R&E is a Vienna-based label specializing in Progressive, Psychedelic and Stoner Rock. We are proud to work with great bands like: Mother's Cake, Parasol Caravan, Lausch, Milk+, and many more..

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